Melody Curran. Just a simple person sharing her thoughts on the internet.

Sometimes I find this world too busy to listen to what I have to say. It’s all caught up with things fast-paced with no time to slow down even just for a second.

My desire of not wanting to disturb anybody from their business makes me turn to my blog.

By the way I’m Melody and this blog serves as an outlet of all my thoughts I can’t share with people personally.

I try to make this as personal as I can but I know my life is not exciting. I don’t travel or socialize much. I love my privacy. Being a Cancer, I prefer to stay at home and think about my life and where I’m headed.

If you’re looking for tips to make your life easy, you’ll never find one here, however I do share what I know and my experiences to guide those who needed it.

You may have read some of my blog posts before you came here. As you noticed, it’s all just about website hosting, making money online, and starting up business. Well, that’s because those are my interests. I relentlessly search the web on how to materialize my ideas. Right now, I’m learning on how to make a living without leaving home.

I just want to have plenty of time for my passion. I don’t want to take adulting seriously. And if you belong to Gen Y, I guess you know what I mean. Adulting is really confusingand difficult.

So don’t ask me what my blog niche is. I don’t know. I may have not figured out yet or maybe I don’t think I need to have one. For now, I just want a journal, a little space to be creative. A boundless cup where I could let all my thoughts flow freely and endlessly.


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Facts about me

Blogging since 2018

Was born days after Pinatubo Volcano erupted