Survey Junkie reviews: Is Survey Junkie legit?

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This year, who would’ve thought we would be hit hard by Covid-19? Perhaps last year, you planned to take a grand vacation to go cruising on the Bahamas this 2020. Unfortunately, it got cancelled and you’re forced to stay indoors. From the pristine beaches that you envisioned you should behold, you’re instead staring at the ceiling and walls of your house, googling “How to keep your sanity during the pandemic.” I know, I did that, too. Thankfully, I’m signed up to Survey Junkie. Instead of me feeling bad over the situation, I just logged in to my Survey Junkie account and started taking surveys. Now, you may wonder if Survey Junkie is legit. There are two ways to find out if the survey company is legitimate or scam: there should be no fee for sign up/redemption, you’ll ultimately get paid without hassle and has partnership with big companies.

One thing you should watch out for is if the survey company is asking you to pay per sign up/redemption. My own personal experience will prove that. Just like you, I also turned to Google to look for online side hustle. That was back in 2019 when I was home alone and did not have a job. I was looking for ways to help my husband pay the bills. I came across some survey companies and tried them but they ended up to be just scammers. Some asked me for payment right away, like I haven’t even taken the job. Some are really convincing that would make you doubt your decisions of not falling through the trap. Finally, I found Survey Junkie! I signed up without any fees and started taking surveys right away. That time, the minimum points to redeem was 1000 equivalent to $10.00 but now they changed it to 500 or $5.00. I was able to earn my first $10 and redeemed it through my PayPal without cost. Through this, I felt confident that I really found the real partner for my side hustle journey.

In addition, you should get paid without hassle. When it’s time for you to redeem your earnings, there should be no need to sign up for other payment methods. The company should be flexible when it comes to payment. On a blog post by Wallethub, entitled, “Is there a reward redemption scam?” They explained that some scammers will lure you to redeem rewards but requires you to pay a small processing fee first. “This type of reward redemption scam is simply trying to get your credit card information. And if they get it, they will use your credit cards to make fraudulent purchases.” Survey Junkie lets you redeem your rewards conveniently via PayPal, Bank transfer or Gift card without a processing fee. You don’t have to provide your credit card information. The only time you’ll need to give your bank information is if you want to transfer your points to your bank.

Furthermore, it’s worth checking if the survey company is working with big companies. In my experience taking surveys with Survey Junkie, I always see surveys from Ipsos. Ipsos takes surveys for large companies in the USA. I know some banks who uses Ipsos but I won’t go into details because this information is confidential. With this, I know Survey Junkie is legitimate.

Taking note of these three things: if there’s fee in sign-up or redemption and if they’re working with reputable companies: will save you from scammers. You can try Survey Junkie now and see for yourself— it’s undoubtedly legit! If you would start taking survey now while you’re on quarantine, maybe in 2022, you’ll have a budget for a cruise package for the Bahamas.

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