Byte Aligners Review: Legit or Scam?

Byte Aligners Review: Legit or Scam?

Disclaimer: This is an honest review of the teeth aligner company I used to fix my overbite called Byte. They offer “Friend Referral Program” wherein you can get 75% off of Impression Kit and $100 off the treatment if you’ll use my link :

I got to know Byte through my Employer’s perk offers. I immediately clicked the email in my inbox about aligners discount coupon. I have an overbite that I’ve been wanting to fix that’s why this email caught my attention.

The offer was only for the Byte Impression Kit not for the whole plan—for $25, instead of $95 which was the original price, thanks to our company discount. Byte is something I’ve never heard before so I researched more about the customers’ reviews and the company’s reputation. What I found online looked good, there were good and bad reviews but overall they still look reputable. Still deciding, though, if I really want to spend my money with Byte or not. I purchased the Impression Kit anyway.

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The package arrived after 3 days via Fedex which is impressive. I took my impressions right away and sent it back the next day. I also took pictures of my teeth because it’s required to complete my Byte profile. There will be guidelines and instructions on how you can take pictures along with the Impression kit. I just had a little problem with taking my impressions because of my overbite. My molar’s impression was not taken properly because I didn’t want to ruin the impression of my front teeth which was the most important and the primary reason why I was doing this. I emailed Byte to ask if it’s okay. They replied right away saying it’s fine because molar was not really important.

Few days after they received my impression, the treatment was made and available to view on my Byte profile. The plan shows that changes that will happen on my teeth week by week.

I still doubted Byte at this point. They kept sending me emails about discounts if I purchase Byte on their given dates and everything but I was really thinking it through until I decided to just give it a shot.

April 7 I called Byte and spoke to Nadia Bitar to purchase my aligner plan. I was told in an email by Nadia herself that the payment upfront was $249.78. But then on our phone conversation it was changed to $349.78 and that the discount doesn’t apply to me anymore because it’s already past the said date of promotion. It took us less than 10 minutes to complete the order. I was given the payment receipt and the payment plan that I will be billed $82.97 each month for $25 months agreement and was told it will come after 4-6 weeks due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Early in May, I received the aligners. Inside the box were my 15 sets of aligners, a bottle of Bright Byte (to clean the aligners and brighten your teeth), the Hyper Byte, aligner case and the instructions. I was so happy unboxing it like little child and used my first set of aligners before I slept at night that day.

My Byte Aligners Kit

The first three weeks were like hell; so uncomfortable. My gums felt really hurt and could barely open my mouth. I was not used to wearing anything like this before. I knew the issue was not on the product but it’s my teeth moving. This is probably the most unforgettable memory I had with my Byte aligners. I don’t know about your experience but my overbite was worse.

Thankfully, with the help of Hyper Byte I was able to get over the pain and discomfort. It’s like horseshoe shape device that gives a bearable amount of electric shock to loosen your teeth a bit. It only goes on for 5 minutes then turns off on its own. On my fourth week, I felt better and got used to wearing them for 20 hours a day. I could feel that my mouth has changed its shape somewhat.

I’m now on week 11, no more pain, just a little tingling sensation on my front teeth. I don’t have problems anymore. No more issues. And my front teeth has moved inward.

I’m already happy and I don’t doubt Byte anymore because I’ve proven that they’re legitimate, they already have a perfect product and service.

I can’t wait to see how my teeth would look like at the end of my 15-week treatment. I’ll update this blog post to tell the final result.


I’m already at the end of my treatment and I’m so happy about the result. My teeth has changed. I no longer have overbite. I wasn’t expecting it to be effective this quick. It’s better than traditional braces.

I still wear the last aligner as said on the instruction to wear it every night for 6 months.

I would recommend Byte to everybody, it’s really worth it.


  1. Byte has worked well so far. 10 days in. I’ll be back week 12 with the results. Soreness is minimal thanks to hyperbyte and it also speeds up the process

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