Fiance Visa: The Interview

Fiance Visa: The Interview

I came at last to the final and most crucial phase of the process– the interview. Four days after I passed my medical exam at SLEC, I made an appointment with US Embassy for fiance visa interview online. When I was scheduling, all of the days in April were full. The earliest date available was on May 23, my fiance’s birthday. I hurriedly reserved the date. For some reason I changed the schedule to May 30, I already forgot why. May would be next month, anyway. Also, I still have had enough time to process the documents I needed to bring to the interview.

I don’t want to make an essay of my Fiance Visa interview so I will just be putting all the necessary details here to hopefully answer the questions you might have.

Fiance Visa or K1 Visa Cost

PHP 14310.00 or $283.04. This amount was just the cost of the interview appointment. Before I was able to make an appointment, I had to pay the MRV fee first. I printed the deposit slip and went to the nearest BPI Branch. After the transaction, the teller gave me part of the slip which served as the receipt. I went to US Travel Docs website after four hours to schedule an interview. The “Schedule My Appointment” link is found at the left side bar under “Nonimmigrant Visa Application”. It will ask you to enter some numbers from your receipt to verify the appointment, then you will receive email confirmation with your Alien number and bar code. Mine didn’t have my Alien number. I had to call the US Embassy to correct it. The lady who helped me sent another email, that’s the one I printed to bring to the interview.

What to bring to the Interview

  • The appointment confirmation sent via email
  • DS-160
  • The receipt from BPI for MRV Fee payment
  • Medical folder from SLEC (mine was forwarded by SLEC themselves I didn’t have to bring it)
  • Passport
  • Certificate of No Marriage
  • NSO Birth Certificate
  • Police Certificate (If you lived in other country other than Philippines)
  • NBI Clearance
  • At least 3 latest 2×2 pictures
  • Proof of Relationship

See US Embassy page for more information.

What questions do they ask in a fiance visa interview?

These are the questions I was asked during the interview. Always remember that you may be asked different questions. It’s important that you review the information with your partner. While it’s good to take note of these questions, I strongly suggest that you don’t memorize.


  • My full name
  • Date of Birth
  • Fiance’s full name
  • Fiance’s date of birth

Initial Interview

The initial interview was by a Filipino woman. She asked me to submit all of my documents, she had this thick folder with all of my papers in it. Everything that Kipp and I submitted from the very start were there, including my medical result from SLEC. She looked at all my documents, started asking me these questions:

  • My name and date of birth
  • My place of birth
  • Have I visited US before?
  • Have I applied for K1 Visa before?
  • Have I involved in marriage before?
  • Do I have children?
  • Fiance’s full name and date of birth
  • Has he married before?
  • His address
  • The dates of his first and last visit

Final Interview

At this point, I felt extremely nervous while waiting, seeing others get rejected or approved. I don’t know what my fate was going to be so I whispered a short prayer that whatever’s Heavenly Father’s will, let it be done.

When it was my turn to get interviewed I felt like the earth stopped turning. I’m now facing the person who will judge and decide whether I can be with my loved one or not. The guy looked sweet. He introduced himself but I forgot his name because I wasn’t in my element. He asked me to raise my right hand, it’s like he wanted me to take an oath, he asked me questions all I answered was “yes”. He looked at his computer and seemed to be looking at something for few minutes before asking me these questions:

  • Where and when did we meet
  • What’s my fiance’s job
  • What activities did we do while he was in my country

I answered the interviewer truthfully. I know that he can feel if the person is honest or not. He then stamped something and told me I’m approved for a visa. I couldn’t wait to get back to the hotel and tell my fiance of the great news.

How long does a Fiance Visa Interview take

Each question and answer portion only took 5 to 15 minutes. The only thing that consumed time was the waiting. My interview schedule was 7:15 AM, I was able to go home at 8:30 AM. So it took 1 hour and 45 minutes including the waiting time and inspections.

How do I pass Fiance Visa Interview

The golden rule is be honest. Just tell the truth, don’t try to invent stories or change your bad records in the past. The Embassy has researched as much information as they can get about you just before you appear in the interview. If you have been charged for a violation before, clearly state why and how you got out of the situation. Kind of like convincing the consul that you’re a good guy and will not be a burden to the country once you’re there.

Also, make sure you’ve submitted completely the documents required. Always check out the Embassy’s website to make sure you have the most updated list of documents needed. Use the Embassy’s photo crop tool to get your passport photos’ accurate measurement.

Passport Photo Tips:

Most photography shops don’t use the Photo Crop tool recommended by the Embassy. I was surprised that even Great Image don’t use it. It’ll be useful if you’ll ask for the soft copy of your photo, crop it by yourself, then bring the cropped copy to a photo print shop. I paid 250 pesos for mine. But it’s worth it because my photos were accurate, that’s one check on my chance of getting approved list.

What happens when Fiance Visa gets approved

After my visa got approved, I waited for 2 weeks to receive the packet and my passport with my visa. The packet contains all the documents needed to immigrate to the US. You can open the plastic sheet and take the passport out but do not open the yellow packet or else you’ll get denied entry even if you have the visa.

Once the visa was in my hand, I made an appointment with CFO for a seminar. It’s required to attend this seminar because you’ll never get to leave Philippine airport without this. I’ll tell you more about CFO on my next blog post.

How much income do I need to sponsor my fiance

For more information, check out 2020 HHS Poverty Guidelines for Affidavit of Support.

I’m going to end this here but more blog post will come for the continuation. Leave your email for updates sent straight to your inbox.

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