The Colors of Spring

Seeing trees bloom again makes me feel alive. It’s no longer as cold as when we first came to Montana. No more heavy jackets and uncomfortable shoes: I put them all in our storage cabinet where they’ll stay unused until next winter.

I haven’t worn my flip flops in a while, they felt so foreign when I used them yesterday. My feet were getting used to feeling the earth again and the dandelions growing as wild as the grasses look amazing. I felt the urges to pick them and blow away their seeds but I resisted. Not yet. There will be a perfect time for that.

I took a bus from work but the driver told me they could only drop me by Main street, therefore, I had to walk in the rain to our house. I had no choice. The rain wasn’t that heavy though. Google Maps said I would arrive in 11 minutes. Not bad.

Once I hopped off the bus, I began my journey. The roads here don’t have pedestrian crossing lane. One could get confused as to where to cross legally and safely. Usually people cross by the traffic lights. But that was too far from me. I just made sure that there was no police car, then I crossed towards the other end of the 12th Avenue East. I asked my husband if I could get arrested. He said no.

There were 11 blocks to get to our apartment; It’s a long walk. My shoes were wet already but I didn’t mind because the place was so peaceful. I’m the only person walking that moment. It’s been raining for a week now. For some reason rain gives me a gloomy atmosphere. It brings back memories I never had. I was about to feel sad until I saw the trees. They’re insanely beautiful!

Trees with different shapes and colors; They’re just as diverse as humans. The picture of mostly green with little patches of browns and whites here and there enthralls me. It seemed as if I was inside a painting and I’m the human the artist included to balance the picture. I caught myself daydreaming of standing in the middle of the streets with powerful winds blowing my hair; me and the trees dancing around in one rhythm with my hands up in the air. Yes I’m inside a painting of that Great Artist who created this world. I couldn’t be more grateful enough for filling my heart with joy. Maybe that’s why trees bloom during Springtime because it rains. Trees give happiness to a dismal rainy days.

Going back to reality, I realized I haven’t painted a real masterpiece. Ideas are now forming in my head. I will be able to paint soon. Very soon…

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