Should I add Blogroll to my blog?

Should I add Blogroll to my blog?

When bloggers want to display other people’s blog in their own, they create a set of links and add them usually on the sidebar or footer of the website for easy access. That list of links is called Blogroll.

Recently, I came across this blog post that says all the good stuff about Blogroll. Some good things mentioned were:

  • It helps boost traffic to my website
  • Blogroll can make your blog look good
  • This feature promotes your friends’ blog posts, in return, add you to your friends’ Blogroll list
  • This enhancement serves as your channel of exposure in the world of Blogging if done properly

Is it true that Blogroll is removed from

The above findings looked great to me. But still I want to know more about Blogroll. I browsed through the internet until I found this blog post dated 2012 entitled, “Blogrolls Gone in WordPress. How to Save Your Links”.

Back in the days when we started using WordPress, the Links feature aka blogroll was fascinating. It allowed us to add and remove links on the sidebar without dealing with code at all. It was a dream come true for us beginners. However, now the links feature seems a bit outdated and quite frankly not as easy as the “Menus”. In this article, we make a case of replacing the Blogroll “Links” feature in favor of WordPress menus.— WordPress News through

Let’s think about this for a second… so it’s saying Blogroll has been outdated since 2012. That was 7 years ago. Then why am I still seeing Blogroll topics over the internet recently?

Well actually, it’s not entirely gone. Some blogging sites still use Blogroll such as WordPress still has it, though it’s not “a thing” anymore nowadays compared to its heyday. So there will still be websites where you can see this features, maybe the old ones who are established around 2000-ish.

I tried adding Blogroll here in my blog. But the theme I’m currently using doesn’t allow me to customize it. It’s just a bunch of WordPress help links.

Should I add Blogroll to my blog?
Should I add Blogroll to my blog?- Screenshot of my WordPress Blogroll

What are your insights about Blogroll?

I’m curious to know if anyone of you still uses Blogroll and how does it help you? Are you currently enjoying the benefits from my bullet list above?

Or you also have the same experience as mine?

If so, were you able to solve it? How?

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