Review: Breakfast at Nicollet Cafe

Review: Breakfast at Nicollet Cafe

My husband and I eat at home most of the time. We do eat out occasionally for three reasons; to reward ourselves after completing a task, to spend the extra money we got from relatives or friends as gift, and…just for the joy of eating out.

I usually cook our meals because I want to make sure my husband eats only healthy foods. But yesterday morning, my hubby wanted me to take a rest and invited me to go on a breakfast date.

I thought that was brilliant, I jumpily and quickly said yes!

We’re new in town. There’s not really much of Nicollet that we know of aside from St. Peter’s Library, our now regular hangout place.

In times like this, the only help we could have was Google Maps. So we went to the app to look for restaurant that serves breakfast as early as 8:00 AM.

Luckily, we found a place that’s few blocks away from St. Peter’s Library— the Nicollet Cafe.

It’s conveniently located in the heart of St. Peter, a small town south of Minnesota, 12 miles away from home.

Nicollet Cafe Outside

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The restaurant looked cool outside. It had beige painted brick walls with some stains of brown and black on the upper part, which for me was an indication that the building had been there for a long while.

The parking was parallel at the front of the entrance door, but there’s a vertical parking on the adjacent side, if you don’t prefer the first one.

What’s Inside?

The outside appearance of the cafe didn’t raise objections, so I expected the same inside.

Due to the triggers of our empty stomachs, we forgot to take pictures of some of the important spots of the cafe, including the customers’ waiting area.

At the waiting area, we noticed right away the sign that tells us to wait and beside it was the cashier’s desk. The place looked clean and had an inviting atmosphere.

It didn’t take us 2 minutes to receive assistance. The lady approached us in a very friendly manner, asking us how many persons we needed the table for. She also asked if we want the regular table or booth. We chose the booth.

When we got to our booth, the server (named Mel) came to us and took our order for drinks. Of course, we ordered our all-time favorite— hot cocoa!

We carefully observed the whole interior of the cafe. It could perhaps house 75 people at full house. The walls were decorated with artificial bricks painted in off white. There were diamond hole patterns on top of each booth and the floor was dark brown and semi-shiny.

The Menu

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Nicollet Cafe had interesting foods in the menu. It took us 3 minutes to decide which food to order.

I didn’t feel like eating eggs because I haven’t gotten over the Mushroom and Cheese Omelette from The Curran’s Restaurant from 2 weeks ago. The serving size was just huge for me that I feel like it’s still sitting in my intestine the whole time, undigested.

So I just ordered Waffle and Corned Beef Hash. My husband got Country Side Platter.

The foods didn’t take long to arrive. I got a nice big flower-shaped waffle, and a separate plate for my hash beef. My husband had a huge plateful of gravy and biscuits, 2 country eggs and hash browns.

Country Side Platter
My flower-shaped Waffle
My Corned Beef Hash

Great foods at an economical price

The total price for my order was $8.68, his was $7.49. Add $3.38 for two hot cocoa’s and $2.19 for a larger than average orange juice and our total was $22.14, plus a small tax of $1.63.

Not bad!

The verdict?

The foods were delicious and very filling. I didn’t even finish my plate. The hash brown was good so as my hot cocoa.

For $22.14, we got more of what we expected, especially about how the staff treated us.

I can say it’s really worth the pay!

We’ll certainly come back with our family next time.

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