How to file Percentage Tax- Bir form 2551Q

As you all know I just opened my print shop last year (if you read my previous post). I’m glad to inform you that it’s still up and running and doing pretty well.

But that’s not what this post is about, I’ll tell you more about how my small business changed my life later.

Let’s talk about tax. Many of us are confused as to how to file because most of the time, it’s not taught in school, or you need to pay an arm and a leg for a seminar.

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When I registered to Bureau of Internal Revenue, I was imposed three different taxes- one of them is Percentage Tax.

Form 2551Q

Before, it was 2551M, but after the TRAIN law, it’s now 2551Q. Follow me in filling out this form step by step. But before that, access the form here 2551Q Jan 2018 ENCS final rev 3_copy. Or you can access them offline, just download the eBIR offline app from BIR website to easily validate and submit so long as you have internet connection (based on my experience).

How to file Percentage Tax- Bir form 2551Q
Quarterly Percentage Tax Return Form 2551Q

Above is the snippet of the form. Make sure the release date is January 2018 because that’s the latest. Filing old forms will not be accepted, so be aware.

Okay, let’s start…

1. Calendar vs Fiscal?

How to file Percentage Tax- Bir form 2551Q- Calendar Year vs Fiscal?
How to file Percentage Tax- Bir form 2551Q- Calendar Year vs Fiscal?

On the first part, it’s asking you about what “tax year” you’re filing for. Tax year is the annual accounting period for keeping records and reporting income and expenses.

The difference between Calendar Year and Fiscal Year is that the Calendar Year begins from January 1 through December 31. A Fiscal Year is any consecutive 12- month period that ends on the final day of any month except December. It is normally 52 to 53 weeks long.

The answer depends on the tax year your business is using. Usually small businesses use Calendar. So let’s choose Calendar.

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2. Year Ending

How to file Percentage Tax- Bir form 2551Q- Calendar Year vs Fiscal?
How to file Percentage Tax- Bir form 2551Q- Filling out the Year Ended field

Since we chose Calendar on number 1, let’s put in 12-2019 on number 2. That’s because Calendar year ends in December and we’re filing it this year which is 2019.

If you chose Fiscal, however, don’t use 12-2019.

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3. Quarters

As I’ve mentioned, it was 2551M just because it’s being filed every month. After the TRAIN law, we now file quarterly, thus 2551Q.

How to file Percentage Tax- Bir form 2551Q- 1st to 4th Quarter explained

Take note of the dates when you need to file to avoid penalty:

Q1 begins from January to March- April 25

Q2 from April to June- July 25

Q3 from July to September- October 25

Q4 from October to December- January 25

Since it’s July, let’s choose 2nd Quarter.

4. Amended Return?

“An amended return is a return filed to make corrections to a tax return from a previous year. It can be used to correct errors and claim a more advantageous tax filing. For example, one might choose to file an amended return in instances of misreported earnings or tax credits.”—-

If you’re not filing for corrections, choose “No”.

5. No. of Attached Sheets

Put in 00.

Part I – Background Information

On 6-11, just put in your information, make sure you write them in CAPITAL LETTERS using black ink.

12. Tax Relief on Special Laws or International Tax Treaty

“Taxpayers enjoying preferential tax treatment under
special laws such as but not limited to enterprises registered in
accordance with RA 7227, RA 7916 or E.O. 226.”—-

“The Philippines has existing tax treaties with various countries including the United States, UK, Canada and Singapore which provide for tax relief on income derived by foreign or local residents of the Philippines and the foreign country from sources within their respective territories.”—

Meaning to say, you can file for tax exemptions if you fall under those Special Laws mentioned on the reference. If not, then choose “No”

13. Tax Code

How to file Percentage Tax- Bir form 2551Q- Tax codes
How to file Percentage Tax- Bir form 2551Q- Tax codes

This part determines what percentage will be taxed on you based on your gross income. If you choose “Graduated Income Tax Rate on Net Income”, that means you’ll be taxed according to the Tax Schedule located at the second page of this form. If you choose “8% Income Tax Rate on gross sales/receipts/others”, you’ll be taxed plain 8%, nothing more, nothing less. Let’s pick Graduated Income Tax Rate.

Let’s leave the Part II – Total Tax Payable for now. Let’s jump to the second page of the form.

This is the snippet of the second page. Make sure you write your TIN and your name legibly using black ink and in CAPITAL LETTERS.

How to file Percentage Tax- Bir form 2551Q- Tax codes
How to file Percentage Tax- Bir form 2551Q- Second page

Schedule 1 – Computation of Tax

How to file Percentage Tax- Bir form 2551Q- Filling out Schedule 1-Computation of Tax
How to file Percentage Tax- Bir form 2551Q- Filling out Schedule 1-Computation of Tax

If you chose earlier on number 13, “Graduated Income Tax Rate on Net Income”, this is where you need to go next. There is an alphanumeric tax code or ATC that suits you. If you chose 8%, you don’t need ATC, just put in the taxable amount, the tax rate and compute the tax due.

Below is the list of ATC applicable to you.

How to file Percentage Tax- Bir form 2551Q- Alphanumeric Tax Codes or ATC

In my case, I have Percentage Tax because I’m exempted from VAT meaning to say I’m a NON-VAT taxpayer. So my ATC will always be PT 010 Persons exempt from VAT under Sec. 109(BB) (Sec. 116) which is 3%.

Other taxpayers pay more than one ATC depending on what business they’re engaged in. In other words, they pay 3%, then another 4%, then another 5% and the list goes on.

Let’s just choose PT 010 for example. Under taxable amount, put in your gross income/receipts for 3 months. Let’s say on April, I had a sales of Php 15, 000. Then on May, Php 20, 000, and on June Php 17, 000. Add them up. We’ll get Php 52, 000.

How to file Percentage Tax- Bir form 2551Q- Filling out Schedule 1-Computation of Tax
How to file Percentage Tax- Bir form 2551Q- Filling out Schedule 1-Computation of Tax

Under Tax Rate, write 3%, then multipy 52 000 by 3%, you’ll have 1560. So under Tax Due, put 1560.00 just like the example above but in black ink not red.

Part II – Total Tax Payable

Now we have the Tax Due amount, let’s go back to page 1 and look for Part II – Total Tax Payable.

How to file Percentage Tax- Bir form 2551Q- Part II- Total Tax Payable

On 14, 19 and 24 write 1560.00. On 15, if you have Creditable Tax Withheld you can include it. Same as 16 and 17. They will diminish your tax due. And then don’t forget to sign it using black ink.

Once done, you can bring this form to your RDO. Or if you’re using eBIR forms offline, just click on “Validate” button, then “Submit” after that, you can print the forms in 4 copies, then you can pay them at the nearest Authorized Agent Bank (AAB) in your area.

For the list of AABs refer to BIR List of AABs.

Disclaimer: I’m not an expert, I’m just sharing what I know based on my own experience.

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  1. Good Day, what if i have no income in my business this quarter, do i still need to fill up my 2551q? And if i will, where do i need to have it stamped ? I have already submitted it to bir on my computer with zero income.


    1. If you have no income, you still have to file. Just put 0 and submit it. I believe the stamping is done by banks if it’s online submission. But since it’s 0, you don’t have to have it stamped.


      1. Hi Ms. Melody. I am currently doing the 3rd quarter 2551Q. I have no income but when I put 0, the system prompts that I have to put an amount. The system won’t proceed. what should I do?


  2. Hi Ms. Melody, what about if there were no income since start of business (May 2020) due to pandemic, and they were unable to file during the 2nd and 3rd Quarter, what will be the penalty? They will file with zero income this coming 4th Quarter. Thank you.


    1. I once wrote an email to BIR before and they told me I have to file with zero returns. It’s still required even you don’t have income.


  3. Hello. I want to ask but this is related to withholding tax. My landlady who owns the property where I conduct my business changed the rent amount. Should I notify the BIR and give them another lease contract with the updated amount? Because this would definitely change the withholding tax I would pay.


    1. It’s not required to sign if magsasubmit sa eBIR online, the only time it’s required is when you go to the bank to pay.


  4. Thanks for sharing this, very helpful. Just wondering if you happen to know if i can still amend old 2251Q coz I entered a wrong year for Q4 filling. In year 2019 Q4, I have entered 2020. And for year 2020, I have entered 2021 for Q4. I just noticed it recently when I check my record. Thanks.


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