St Luke’s Medical Center (SLEC) Fiance Visa Medical Exam Highlights

NOTE: This blog is just a continuation of my previous post, “K-1 Visa Application Process”. 

It had been long eight months before our fiance visa petition was approved. It’s a relief to know we’re able to move on to the next step of the process– that was, the Medical Examination.

Here in the Philippines, the only clinic you can take your medical exam for US Visa is the St Luke’s Medical Center Extension Clinic (SLEC) in Manila. The address is 1177 J. Bocobo St. Ermita, Manila 1000 PHILIPPINES.


I live in Rizal province, which is quite far from Manila. The options I had was either to travel via Light Railway Transit (LRT) or Manila Railway Transit (MRT). I chose LRT, because for me, it’s better.

I commuted by jeep from SM Angono to LRT2 Santolan station. I took the train that’s bound to Recto. I got off at Recto station, exited from the Odeon mall. Crossed the highway. Rode jeep going to Rizal Park, the driver dropped me off at Kalaw St., then from there, I just walked to St Luke’s Medical Center Extension Clinic for 15 minutes.

If you’re on a different location you can check out St Luke’s Medical Center Visitors Guide HERE.

Upon arriving at SLEC, present your documents to the guard outside. He’ll ask you which country you are taking medical exam for. You just have to tell him you’re going to the US. Then he’ll stamp something on your hand. Something like “A” or whatever. Then he’ll tell you which counter you should go.


Outside, the guard will ask you to present the following:

  • 2 photocopies of your Appointment Letter/ Instruction Letter
  • Valid Passport
  • Photocopy of Passport Biographic/Data Page, the page in the passport that contains the applicant’s photo and information
  • 4 pieces recent 2″x2″ visa photos, 3 for submission to the U.S. Embassy, 1 for clinic file. ALL PHOTOS MUST BE IDENTICAL. Write the applicant’s complete name at the back of each photo.
  • Appointment letter from the Embassy or Instruction letter from the National Visa Center (NVC), K1- FTP Letter from National Visa Center
  • For applicants who registered online, 1 copy of the online registration confirmation form
  • Applicants who did not register online are required the name, address (include city, state and zip code), contact number and email address of the petitioner in the USA
  • Bring your previous medical examination results, too if you have

You can view other information here.


The medical Examination fee for 15 years and older is PhP 17,025.00. For less than 15 years old it’s PhP 9,583.00.

St Luke’s Medical Center does not accept check or credit card payments so you better bring cash with you.


st luke's medical center
St Luke’s Medical Center (SLEC) Fiance Visa Medical Exam Highlights- The Workflow

Above was exactly the flow of my medical exam. Unfortunately, I didn’t make it to the Immunization section. They didn’t tell me the reason yet but I was told to come back on February 18, 2019 at 2:00 pm for the result. It was odd because based on the Youtube videos about fiance visa medical experience I watched, they got the result on the same day.

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So I came back on the said date. I found out that they saw something on my chest X-ray. I needed further testings to know if I have tuberculosis on my lungs. I was told again to come back the next day for the 3- day sputum collection.

In other words, they postponed my medical result, hence, the delay on my visa interview.

For three days, I traveled back and forth from Rizal to St Luke’s Medical Center Manila as early as 4:00 am because I had to be there at 6:00 am and the traffic in Manila wasn’t really friendly. After collecting my sputum, SLEC wanted me back after 3 days for the AFB Smear result.

On February 25, I was in SLEC again. My AFB Smear result was negative. But wait, there’s another test they had to complete, that’s the MTB Culturing. So, they asked me to come back on April 24.

Lucky for me, I hadn’t made my fiance visa interview schedule. If I had, then I needed to cancel, and my money would have been wasted.

Fast forward, there came April 24. My MTB culture result was negative. Finally! I told myself. The doctor gave my vaccine shots and told me I was ready for the interview.

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