Old best friend

It was 11:00 AM. She’s getting ready to leave the house. She looked at the mirror to see if she’s worn her best clothes yet. She stopped and stared blankly for few seconds.

She realized, her best clothes would never cover up her struggle to be her best self. She wondered, “what can I do to fix this? “, then she caught herself hopeless.

She just shrugged it off. Her mind now has been diverted to today’s agenda— meeting her old best friend.

It’s been 13 years since they’ve seen each other. She missed her so much. She’s in fact the sweetest person in her life when they were young. The person who constantly cheered her up and admired her “wit” and “intellect”. Always gave flattering words. Couldn’t live without her.

Her heart smiled at the thought of seeing her. The memories of her flashed back in her head. She remembered when she went to her house so they could walk to school together and she found out she’s still bathing. She got frustrated because of her slowness. She cried because she didn’t want to be late at school. Because that’s who she was and until now— prompt. She tried to comfort her. Apologized non-stop. She had been this kind of person, inferior.

She smiled. This time a literal smile, on her lips.

She left the house. Rode on a public vehicle. The meeting place her best friend chose was quite far. She just agreed, however, so she didn’t have to have trouble traveling.

She kept thinking about what would happen next. She was scared she might mess things up, because she always does. She’s scared she might not accept the present she. Could she have changed? She hoped not. Or maybe she did.

On the other side of her brain, she’s being positive that her friendship would still be the same. “Once best friends, always be best friends”, she said.

She’s been texting her, she first reached the venue. Her heart skipped a beat. “This is it”.

She saw a girl sipping coffee with her back facing her, she knew it was her, so she approached the table.

She put her hand on her shoulder. She moved around to look at her. Her face brighten up. She smiled, she jumped frantically and hugged her.

She knew it’s wrong but she faked a smile. Not because she’s a fake person but she didn’t know how to react to this kind of situation.

She’s now connected to her, physically, she’s clinging on to her so tightly. But she pushed back slightly because she was afraid.


She’s so beautiful. She fixed her teeth, her hair was soft, she looked very confident.

She’s changed.

She started ordering drinks. She started to chat. She’s very talkative. The topic of her conversation was just about reminiscing their childhood, and nothing more.

Fast forward, it’s 8:00 PM. She had to go home. She had a slight regret in her heart. She felt bad. Because she felt her coldness towards her.

Few days after their meeting, she never received anything from her anymore. They’re friends on facebook but couldn’t even message each other.

She could sense how irrelevant she is now to her.

Clearly, she’s lost her friendship and respect.

She’s no longer the same. She has new best friends now. And she’s just someone who belongs to her past.

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